Interesting Numbers

Graham's Number

Graham's number is so large that is is actually too large to explain how big it is!!  If each digit in his number was written the size of a subatomic particle and the observable universe was a sheet of paper, you still could NOT write down all the digits of this unimaginable number!

Just how big is this number?

Trinity Hall Prime

Take a look at these two side-by-side images. The image on the right is the coat of arms of Trinity Hall College.
Inline image 1

What may look like a grey scale image on the left is an actual NUMBER!!  That is right... lets zoom in..
Inline image 2

Now this isn't just ANY number...  but it has some REALLY cool properties:  

1) JF McKee discovered this number which, when arranged in a rectangle, appears to have the same outline as the Trinity Hall Crest!!  

2) It is Prime!! (WHAT!!!) Which means NO OTHER NUMBER divides into it!!

3) It is exactly 1350 digits long.  "So what??" you may say?  Well the year 1350 is the year that Trinity Hall was founded!! 
How do I bring this to my students??

  • Depending on the grade, students could create their own images using numbers and determine special properties of their "number" or "art".  


  • Students could create numbers where the digits form patterns such as "122333444455555" and determine special qualities about their number.


  • Lower grades could simply make patterns using letters and describe their patterns such as "ABBABBABBA"


Lastly, as we are mentioning the word "Trinity", here is another really cool graphic..Inline image 1

This image could be used to start your class with and simply ask "What questions do you have?"  

After, you may explain how God exists as 3 people but is still only one being.  The members of the Trinity (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) are co-equal and co-eternal, but essentially are one in essence! This was illustrated at the baptism of Jesus (the Son), the crowds heard the voice of God and the Spirit of God ascending as a dove.  From here let the conversations fly!!!!!