Foundations program

Foundations is a program designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. The program provides an opportunity for students to learn at an individual pace and in a safe and caring learning environment in a congregated setting.

The program is a specialized classroom environment for students with moderate to severe developmental delays, who may also experience physical, behavioural, sensory or medical challenges.

Emphasis is placed on communication, self-care, basic literacy and numeracy, personal, social and vocational skills in the classroom and the community. Each student is provided an Instructional Support Plan (ISP) that highlights special adaptations or modifications based on their strengths, talents and abilities. This program can be accessed through the referral process. Students must meet entrance requirements assessed by the Division Inclusive Learning Team.

The blended program is to meet the academic needs of individual learners that may require intensive intervention in numeracy and literacy. The students are within the mainstream classrooms for other subjects. High school programs have a focus on adapted Career and Technology Studies (CTS) to develop work-related skills.

Under the foundations' umbrella, we have the following programs: