French Immersion Testimonials

See what our students, teachers and parents have to say!

École Camille J. Lerouge School
Pre-K to Grade 9, Red Deer

I am very proud to be able to translate for my parents when we travel to Québec. - Isabella, Grade 5 student

Learning a second language has many benefits for a child. It expands their horizons, by opening their eyes and hearts to another culture. Becoming fluent in French provides students with many life-long opportunities, as they can attend bilingual post-secondary institutions, have more career opportunities and can travel internationally with ease. Exposure to two languages has numerous benefits for all children. - Sarah Corbière, teacher

Learning French as a second language could help them with finding a job down the road, or be seen as an advantage when being selected as a job candidate. It will also serve to benefit them as they travel the world some day! - Michelle and Mark Abbott, parents

École Mother Teresa School
Grade 3 to Grade 9, Sylvan Lake

I love the concept of being able to go to Europe and all around the world and being able to understand without using a translator. The French Immersion program has let me learn how to speak fluently to others from different places and to connect with them. - Alicia, Grade 9 student

It is important to learn another language to broaden your perspective and to see other cultures in a new light. It increases a child's ability to empathize with other children and encourages global citizenship. - Roberta Koelmans-Cameron, teacher

I have always believed that learning a second language improves brain function and over the years I have read studies that support/provide this. French Immersion provides this opportunity to improve the brain. - Linda Zouboules, parent

École Our Lady of the Rosary School
Pre-K to Grade 2, Sylvan Lake 

Learning French helps me try harder in other things - Rhys, Grade 2 student

Recent brain research has shown that learning another language enhances cognitive abilities by stimulating mental activity to create a healthier brain.  Learning a second language challenges students to appreciate other cultures and different ways of thinking.  Essentially, French Immersion students are becoming more compassionate citizens of God’s creation. - Tamalyn Tardif, teacher

We have seen the confidence that has grown in our children from learning this language. The small classroom sizes has only aided to benefit from more one on one instruction and support in their daily learning. - Leigh and Bert Baker, parents

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School
Grade 10 to 12, Red Deer 

Being in French Immersion has given me the opportunity to be a more open-minded citizen. As a French Immersion student, I see both sides of national issues and that is a skill I will keep with me my whole life. - David, Grade 12 student 

Our children have benefitted from a French Immersion Education by broadening their view of language and challenging their ideas. Our daughter has been the successful candidate in job applications because of this skill set. Both children have an increased knowledge about French and Québécois culture and literature through the curriculum. It has helped them understand their country and encouraged critical thinking in many directions. - Peggy and Bob MacTaggart, parents

Teaching French Immersion gives me the opportunity to share my culture and love of the French Language with my students.  I get to witness students become cultured and help them achieve academic success in French.  Our students are better prepared for the ever changing demands of the work force. - Marie-Lyne Vienneau, teacher