Why is Early Childhood Learning important?

Kindergarten kids building a puzzle in class

Children who take part in Early Childhood Learning often benefit by gaining independence, self-control, taking initiative and asserting themselves in socially acceptable ways. Children in programming become keen observers who enjoy experimenting to find out what happens when they manipulate materials and interact with other people.

We recognize that child development is rooted in four main areas including social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development. Our programs are designed to foster your child’s knowledge and growth in each of these four areas. Embracing the whole-child is our priority as we journey with you and your child to give them the best start in their life-long learning journey.

Pre-Kindergarten is a half-day, language-rich program that embraces and honours the whole child. Social-emotional and cognitive growth are presented to children in an authentic, inquiry focused manner that allows your child to grow and develop in appropriate ways.

Is Pre-Kindergarten right for my child?

We want your child to have strong foundations for success in life. We know that a child’s development during the early years affects learning behaviour, as well as physical and emotional health in school.

When considering Pre-Kindergarten, reflect on these questions:

  • Does my child have a limited vocabulary? Struggle with expressing thoughts? Have difficulty understanding?
  • Would my child benefit from positive interaction with others?
  • Does my child appear to have advanced academic skills?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions, you should explore our Pre-Kindergarten Program.

Pre-Kindergarten Program Information

Girl with artist brush painting on paper

Children of all faiths are welcome to our exciting early learning program offered in a Catholic faith environment!

The language-rich Pre-Kindergarten program helps children develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. It is designed for four-year-old children who would benefit from early learning opportunities prior to entering Kindergarten.

Classroom Schedule

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program runs from September to June. Depending on the school, the three-hour half-day program is offered in the morning or afternoon.

Children attend classes on Monday - Thursday.

School Bus Service

School bus transportation is not offered to Pre-Kindergarten children. Under special circumstances, if feasible, families may be able to use an existing bus route. For more information, contact our Transportation Department.

Applying for Pre-Kindergarten

Kid using magnifying glass

Who Can Attend

  • Programming is intended and designed for children who are four years old prior to December 31 of the school year and toilet trained (consideration is given for children identified with special needs).
  • Programming supports provided for children with mild/moderate or severe delays.
  • Fees may apply.
  • To be eligible for two years prior to Kindergarten, your child should be three years of age by September 30 of the current school year and toilet trained (consideration may be provided to children identified with special needs).

Assessment and Eligibility

Your child will participate in a speech-language screen to begin the process of determining eligibility for programming. After completing the online registration form, you will be able to select a time to bring your child for their screening appointment. If your child is eligible, the registration process will proceed. If your child has diagnosed with medical, speech and language, or other concerns, documentation from professionals that the parent/guardian provides will be used to determine eligibility.

Program Fees

There are no program fees if your child is eligible for programming.