Hockey Academy

Hockey Academy

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School's hockey academy mission is to support student learning, ice hockey skills fitness training, enhancing sports performance, motivation, sports etiquette and sports psychology.

Through a combination of theory and practical exposure to hockey, student/athletes enrolled in the program will learn about the sport and personal development.  

Our program is developed for hockey athletes, Grade 10-12, looking to bring their game and their training to a new level. This exciting period is the beginning of a journey that will forever have a direct effect on a student-athletes overall experience and success.

On average, students are on the ice three times a week developing their hockey skills. Under the guidance of professional experienced coach and a goal-tending instructor, they work on skating techniques, puck control, shooting, defensive play, and creativity.  

Our program:

  • Is based on scientifically proven methods effective in creating greater athleticism 
  • Will increase your speed, power, flexibility, nutritional knowledge, and overall fitness 
  • Will educate you on how to train effectively, minimize injury and maximize your fitness
  • Will expose you to possible careers associated with your sport passion  

Advantages of our Academy:

  • Opportunity to increase their skills in a Catholic educational environment
  • More ice time and high-level instruction
  • An opportunity to explore fitness and sport-related careers
  • Position-specific training for forwards, defense and goalies
  • Includes Physical Education courses designed to meet the elite needs of our clientele
  • Students will benefit from the strong community developed as a member of the Academy
  • Flexible timetable and ongoing support which will make your high school years an accommodating experience 

Program participants are required to pay a fee of up to $600 (subject to change based on ice and off-ice costs). This is strictly a cost recovery fee designed to cover facility rental and travel.