Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry brings middle and high school students together to learn about their relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

Students are able to:

  • Participate in faith-based activities
  • Student faith-sharing groups
  • Adoration
  • Retreats
  • Youth rallies
  • Service leadership

Our Youth Ministry Coordinators are:

  • Jeannette Manser: École Secondaire Notre Dame High School, St. Gabriel Learning Centre, St. Francis of Assisi Middle School, École Camille J. Lerouge School, Holy Trinity Catholic School and St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School.
  • Ryan Beaupre: St. Joseph High School, St. Gabriel Learning Centre, St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School and St. Patrick's Community School.
  • Peter van Kampen: École Mother Teresa School, St. Matthew Catholic School and St. Dominic Catholic High School.

Building relationships through faith