Division Priorities

Literacy, Inclusion, Faith and Technology (LIFT)

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Our Division priorities are to focus on the areas of Literacy, Inclusion, Faith, and Technology.

LITERACY is much more than just the ability to read. It is about developing thinking skills that enable students to comprehend, analyze, make judgments and make sense of the world.

INCLUSION is about supporting each learner and their unique needs, providing a valuable educational experience for all regardless of their first language, cultural background, ability, disability, gender or age.

FAITH is the founding principle in our Catholic schools. All students participate in religion classes and faith activities, learning about Jesus and the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. 

TECHNOLOGY is more than using a tool for learning. It is about what our students do with these tools to extend their intellectual capabilities and better their understanding of the world. Technology engages students in their learning and empowers students to become the creators, leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

LIFT team members are a part of each school throughout the Division and promote student learning. LIFT team members work in classrooms with students and teachers creating learning environments that meet the needs of all learners.