Career and Technology Foundations (CTF)

Middle school students working with tiles

Career and Technology Foundations Research Overview

Alberta Education has embarked on a re-imagining of education to best meet the emerging needs of Alberta students. A focus on “transforming education in Alberta has resulted in research into new ways of learning, new approaches to teaching and a restructuring of the curriculum.” The Curriculum Framework - based on student development of competencies in a renewed system that provides choice, flexibility and higher levels of engagement - is a focus in the provincial curriculum for Career and Technology Foundations Projects for Grades 5 – 9.

What is Career and Technology Foundations?

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) is an optional program of studies for Grades 5 through 9 that allows students to discover, explore their interests and passions and to build skills so they may make reasonable career choices in the future.

Benefits for Students

CTF provides students the opportunity to:

  • Explore personal areas of interest to discover their passions
  • Engage in active and hands-on learning by creating real-life products, presentations or services
  • Connect learning from core subjects, such as mathematics and science to practical projects
  • Understand the relevance of school to personal career goals
  • Manage their own learning

CTF provides the opportunity for an authentic learning experience.