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School Name





Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools  rdcrs  rdcrs rdcrs rdcrs
Discovery Learning Centre DiscoverRDCRS N/A N/A N/A
École Camille J. Lerouge School  ECJLerouge  ECJLerouge ECJLerouge N/A
École Mother Teresa Catholic School  EMTSRDCRS  EMTSRDCRS EMTSRDCRS N/A
École Our Lady of the Rosary School  EOLRSylvanLake  EOLRSylvanLake EOLRSylvanLake N/A
École Secondaire Notre Dame High School  NotreDameRD  NotreDameRD NotreDameRD1 N/A
Father Henri Voisin School  FatherHenriVS  FatherHenriVS FatherHenriVS N/A
Holy Family School  HolyFamilyRD  HolyFamilyRD HolyFamilyRD N/A
Holy Trinity Catholic School  HolyTrinityOlds  HolyTrinityOlds HolyTrinityOlds N/A
Maryview School  MaryviewSchool  MaryviewSchool MaryviewSchool N/A
St. Dominic Catholic High School  StDominicRMH  N/A StDominicRMH N/A
St. Elizabeth Seton School  SetonSchoolRD  SetonSchoolRD  SetonSchoolRD N/A
St. Francis of Assisi Middle School  STFWolves  STFWolves STFWolves1 N/A
St. Gabriel Learning Centre  StGabrielCentre  StGabrielCentre StGabrielCentre
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School StGregoryGreat N/A  StGregoryGreat N/A
St. Joseph High School  StJosephRD  StJosephRD StJosephRD N/A
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School  SMBInnisfail  SMBInnisfail SMBInnisfail N/A
St. Martin de Porres School  StMartinRDCRS  StMartinRDCRS StMartinRDCRS N/A
St. Matthew Catholic School  StMatthewRMH  N/A  St.MatthewRMH  N/A
St. Patrick's Community School  StPatsRD  StPatsRD StPatsRD N/A
St. Teresa of Avila School   StTAvila  StTAvila StTAvila StTAvila
St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School   StThomasRD  StThomasRD StThomasRD N/A
Red Deer Regional Catholic Education Foundation RDCRSFoundation  N/A N/A  N/A
International Student Services StudyAtRDCRS N/A StudyAtRDCRS N/A
Family School Enhancement Counsellors FamiliesofRDCRS N/A N/A N/A
Youth Ministry  N/A N/A RDCRSYM N/A