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Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools  rdcrs  rdcrs rdcrs
Discovery Learning Centre DiscoverRDCRS DiscoverRDCRS DiscoverRDCRS
École Camille J. Lerouge School  ECJLerouge  ECJLerouge ECJLerouge
École Mother Teresa Catholic School  EMTSRDCRS  EMTSRDCRS EMTSRDCRS
École Our Lady of the Rosary School  EOLRSylvanLake  EOLRSylvanLake EOLRSylvanLake
École Secondaire Notre Dame High School  NotreDameRD  NotreDameRD NotreDameRD1
Father Henri Voisin School  FatherHenriVS  FatherHenriVS FatherHenriVS
Holy Family School  HolyFamilyRD  HolyFamilyRD HolyFamilyRD
Holy Trinity Catholic School  HolyTrinityOlds  HolyTrinityOlds HolyTrinityOlds
Maryview School  MaryviewSchool  MaryviewSchool MaryviewSchool
St. Dominic Catholic High School  StDominicRMH  N/A StDominicRMH
St. Elizabeth Seton School  SetonSchoolRD  SetonSchoolRD  SetonSchoolRD
St. Francis of Assisi Middle School  STFWolves  STFWolves STFWolves1
St. Gabriel Learning Centre  StGabrielCentre  StGabrielCentre StGabrielCentre
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School StGregoryGreat StGregoryGreat  StGregoryGreat
St. Joseph High School  StJosephRD  StJosephRD StJosephRD
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School  SMBInnisfail  SMBInnisfail SMBInnisfail
St. Martin de Porres School  StMartinRDCRS  StMartinRDCRS StMartinRDCRS
St. Matthew Catholic School  StMatthewRMH  N/A  St.MatthewRMH 
St. Patrick's Community School  StPatsRD  StPatsRD StPatsRD
St. Teresa of Avila School   StTAvila  StTAvila StTAvila
St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School   StThomasRD  StThomasRD StThomasRD
Red Deer Regional Catholic Education Foundation RDCRSFoundation  N/A N/A 
International Student Services StudyAtRDCRS N/A StudyAtRDCRS
Family School Enhancement Counsellors FamiliesofRDCRS N/A N/A
Youth Ministry  N/A N/A RDCRSYM