Division Faith Theme

Lord, light the path and I will lead others.

Seigneur, illumine le chemin et je guiderai les autres.

For my artwork, I wanted to draw something unique from every other piece of art, so instead of drawing a path with lights, I drew something with more significance. I came up with the idea of a path leading to a lit-up cross with a complicated maze surrounding it. I drew a lit-up cross at the end of the path to show that God is the light we need to follow. We need to follow and trust in God to lead us through the maze. The maze represents life. Without God, life can be confusing, challenging, frightening and is sometimes viewed as impossible to get through. Without God we are lost trying to maneuver our way through the maze of life. However, with God the maze does not seem so impossible because He clears a path with His light. The more trust we place in God, the further He clears the path. With enough trust and loyalty eventually, we reach the end of the path and find Heaven."

 - Shynelle Woroniuk, Grade 11 student at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School

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