Extreme Weather Conditions & Mechanical Issues

Extreme Weather Conditions
In the case of extreme weather conditions (ie. cold weather, fog, or freezing rain), Board Policy determines whether or not the buses will operate that day. If bus service is cancelled for the day, this information will be broadcasted on the school bus app on your iPhone or Android device.

Note: If bus service is cancelled in the morning, the buses may not operate in the afternoon even if weather conditions improve.

If the buses are running during extreme weather conditions, parents are not obligated to send their child on the bus if they would rather make alternate arrangements to transport their child to school. All students must be suitably dressed for the weather conditions. Inappropriate attire will be addressed by the school administration.

Your child should know what to do if the bus is running late in the morning and have a place to go in the event that the bus does not arrive. They should also know what to do if a parent is not able to meet the bus after school or if there is no one home when they arrive. It is not the driver's responsibility to ensure that there is someone to meet your child at the stop after school.

Mechanical Problems
In the case of a breakdown, a spare bus will be sent out immediately to meet your child's bus and the driver will then continue on their route as necessary. This will usually only result in 15 or 20-minute delay in the route. Bus statuses will be updated on the school and division website and will be pushed out to the school bus app.