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National Indigenous Peoples Day

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Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Indigenous peoples across this great land. It's a day to honour the resilience, wisdom, and beauty that they bring to our nation.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the ancestral lands on which we stand and express our gratitude to the Indigenous communities who have stewarded these lands for countless generations. We recognize their profound connection to the Earth and their vital role in preserving its natural wonders.

On this special day, let’s embrace the principles of reconciliation, understanding, and unity. Together, we can build bridges, break down barriers, and foster a society where Indigenous voices are heard, valued, and respected.

Let’s engage in meaningful conversations, listen to Indigenous stories, and learn from their wisdom. By promoting cultural understanding, we can forge a brighter future, rooted in justice, equality, and mutual respect.

Today and every day, let’s work together to support the revitalization of Indigenous languages, traditions, and arts. Let’s celebrate the achievements and resilience of Indigenous peoples while recognizing the ongoing challenges they face.

Join us in honoring the Indigenous communities that shape our vibrant mosaic. Together, let’s build a Canada where every voice is amplified, every story is cherished, and every dream is within reach.

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