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Congratulations to Carl Fakeley, recipient of the Excellence in Catholic Education Award

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Carl Fakeley

Carl Fakeley, a teacher at St. Joseph High School was awarded for his Excellence in Catholic Education at the 2021 Spice and Blueprints virtual conference through the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta (CCSSA).

“As a school Faith Coach and a member of the division Faith Team, Mr. Carl Fakeley has utilized the gifts and talents God has blessed him with, to build, nourish, and enrich the faith life of our entire community,” said Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Ryan Ledene at Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

“One of Carl’s greatest strengths is his ability to engage others in conversations about faith. Carl can meet people where they are at and invite them into an authentic dialogue about faith topics. Carl has run many bible studies, apologetic sessions, faith development workshops and informal conversations that have left others with a greater understanding of their faith.”

“CCSSA lists five marks that an exemplary Catholic teacher possesses. Building community within his classroom, with our local Parishes and with the home is of paramount importance to Carl. The result of this focus is a strong sense of communion within our school community. We are blessed to have Carl not only in our school but also in our community making Christ known to children on a daily basis,” said Principal, Graeme Daniel at St. Joseph High School.

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