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Wellness Wednesday - YTWL Exercises

On this edition of Wellness Wednesday, Char goes over the basics of YTWL Exercises.

So what is the YTWL exercise?

It literally means Y, T, W and then L, because those are the positions which you’re going to put your arms in.

The YTWL exercise is a great exercise to target all of those specific muscles in your upper and mid back area. The upper fibers ,the middle fibers and then getting the middle and lower fibers with that W portion of the exercise.
It will take time to start to open this posture up. Some of those postural patterns and habits have been forming for years, so take your time with this. Try to do each one of these movements five times, holding them three to five seconds. You want to try to do this a minimum once per day, ideally twice a day is even better.

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