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Faith Theme Poster


This year's Faith Theme winning poster design was officially unveiled during the Division Opening Mass and Celebration on August 31.

This year's poster was designed by Mya McCullough, a grade 9 student at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School.

Here is Mya's explaining what inspired her design:

"This year's theme "Inspired by Christ on a Journey to Encounter, Nuture, and Serve" influenced me to create the art I did.

The hands represent God's nuturing hold on the world He created for us. We are responsible for respecting our world by keeping it safe and protected.

The winding path leading to the hands represents the journey we are all on to become closer to Christ. The path is not straight, because our journey to building a relationship with God takes unexpected twists and turns along the way. All relationships take time, patience, and trust, but once you put your trust in God, the journey along the path will lead right to him.

The angels on both sides of the hands represent serving God, as people of Christ, the Holy Spirit guides us to make good choices and serve others.

I hope this year's theme and poster inspire people to encounter Christ, serve others, and take care of the world that has been given to us."

Thank you, Mya!

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