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Download the Bus Status App!

Bus Status App

If your child is riding the bus to and from school, please download the "Bus Status App." 

Bus Status for iOS and Android notifies you when your school bus is cancelled or delayed.

Please download the Bus Status app at your earliest convenience to continue or to receive school bus notifications from Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools. To install this app, please follow the directions below:

Step 1: Download the Bus Status app by Box Clever.

Step 2: Open the app and select Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools from the list (you only need to select your district the first time you open the app. Bus Status will remember your selection).

Step 3: Go to All Buses. Tap the star to add a bus to My Buses.

Step 4: You’ll receive a notification when one of your buses is delayed, cancelled, or early.

Step 5: Tap the bell icon to see general notifications from Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

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