Eligibility for School Bus Service

Middle school kids stepping in school bus


Alberta Education only provides Transportation Funding for students who reside more than 2.4 km (walking distance) from their designated (catchment) school. Students in Kindergarten to Grades 5 living between 1.6 km and 2.4 km from their designated school will be assessed a transportation fee of $150 per student. The maximum a family will pay is $600 per year. All other students living less than 2.4 km from their designated school will be assessed $300 per student. The maximum a family will pay is $600 per year. **Provided there is room on the bus.

Note that should your child attend any school other than his/her designated school, the 2.4 km guide will be used.


We offer busing to eligible students in Kindergarten where there is an existing route. Parents choosing a school where an existing bus route is not available, parents can apply to receive the transportation grant to drive their child to and from school. In the case of half-day Kindergarten programs, parents may apply to receive half of the transportation grant. Transportation Grant application forms will be provided by the school at the end of September.


Students attending the Pre-Kindergarten programs pose some unique challenges with regards to busing. Due to the physical size of the students and the safety concern of safely loading and unloading of students we are recommending the parents drive children to and from school. Requested fees may apply, as well as a "Bus Test" that must be completed at the school of attendance prior to the service being offered. 

The transportation grant will be made available to parents of eligible children regardless if an existing bus route is available. In extreme and unique circumstances, we may transport eligible Pre-Kindergarten students on regular routes (with the possibility of fees being assessed).

Please contact your school principal to discuss further. Transportation grant application forms will be provided by the school at the end of September.


Students attending programs of choice, as defined by Alberta Education, namely St. Patrick Community School (Year-Round program) and St. Martin de Porres School (Fine Arts program) do not qualify for transportation grants if students reside within 2.4 kilometers from their designated school or their school of attendance.

This also so applies to students attending St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School, who are designated to St. Patrick's Community School.


All students living within the City of Red Deer and attending École Secondaire Notre Dame High School or St. Joseph High School are eligible to receive a restricted transit pass. Upgrades to an unrestricted pass may be purchased for an additional fee. Students who are non-eligible riders may also purchase their bus pass on a monthly basis.