Family Oriented Programming

Our schools are called to strengthen families in their God-given mission. The family is the sanctuary of life, a place in which life, a gift from God, is welcomed, nourished and protected. It is a vital unit of society. Family Oriented Programming is one way we can support families.

Family Oriented Programming offers opportunities for the family and caregivers to engage in fun activities together. There are many sessions all designed to enhance a child’s classroom experience by supporting the family in key areas.

The bonds in a family are central in the lives of children. They shape a child’s identity and development. Engaging as a family in a child’s learning and development strengthens these bonds and contributes to a child’s success.

The sessions offered through Family Oriented Programming are opportunities for children to reach their developmental goals and for families to increase their parenting knowledge and skills.

Sessions to Meet Child’s Needs

Families of children who have identified additional needs and, whose program is supported by an Individualized Program Plan, are encouraged to participate in a minimum of four sessions throughout the school year.

Family Oriented Programming assists families in all areas of child development. The sessions include:

  • Family Support and Strategies
  • Language and Literacy Sessions
  • Physical Development through Movement and Play
  • Family Field Trips

Children who are accessing Program Unit Funding will have opportunities to engage in extended programming through Family Oriented Programming sessions. These sessions happen throughout the year and focus on speech and language goals, sensory regulation, routines and structure, and various other topics. For more information, please talk to your child's teacher.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much do the sessions cost?
There is no cost to families.

When do the sessions happen?
Sessions run throughout the week at a variety of times, most often accommodating classroom and parent schedules.

Where are the sessions offered?
Most sessions take place in our schools, community recreation centers, community family support centers, and other community facilities. Families can register for any session regardless of the community or location.

Will I need childcare?
Most of the programs are intended for parents and caregivers to participate with their child. When this is not appropriate, childcare is often provided.