Spring 2020 Poster Contest

April 14, 2020

We invite you and your family to participate in the SPARC Spring Poster Contest! 

When you intentionally engage in asset-building activities like this, you are helping your child GROW UP GREAT by increasing the number of 40 Developmental Assets within them. 

We have a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with our children right now and INTENTIONALLY build those assets.  


  1. Print the template on our website https://sparcreddeer.ca/events or grab a spare sheet of paper and draw a picture of a family tradition or a positive message for your neighbourhood.
  2. Post it in your neighbourhood on a mailbox, light post, your door or in your car window.
  3. For a chance to win prizes, take a picture of your poster in your neighbourhood, share it in our Facebook event and tag us @SPARCRD. 

CONTEST DEADLINE: April 26, 2020

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