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Admin Professionals Day

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A prayer for administrators and managers

Blessed are You, Lord our God, Creator of all that exists. Source of life and growth, of peace and joy, we bless You for all Your sons and daughters.

The gift of administration is Yours, and You share it in Your goodness with persons like us.

Please give vision and wisdom to those engaged in governance; good judgment and courage to supervisors; faith and a sense of justice to all who work as managers.

Help us to remember that You share with us the power to administer, and that the work we do is Your work. Give us the satisfaction and joy in the performance of this work.

Bless us always with Your presence, Your insight, Your compassion. Then we will recognize You anew, and praise You as You really are: Master of all that we are and do, the mighty and revered God.

Blessed are You, Lord God, who share with us the gift of administration.

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