Success Stories

Celebrating student and staff successes

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools wants to help encourage our school communities to live a healthy life. If you or someone you know has been inspired to make positive changes to your every day health and wellness, we want to know! Email our Health and Wellness Coordinator or talk to your school's Health Champion about your (or your friend or coworker's) successes. A healthy lifestyle is better attained when we work together to encourage positive changes, so let's do what we can to help each other. 

May 2020

Linda Downey and Gerry-Lynn Borys

Linda Downey and Gerry-Lynn Borys

The Health and Wellness Success Story for May is Linda Downey from Holy Family School and Gerry-Lynn Borys from St. Joseph High School. They are the wellness bingo winners too!

These two women have continued to work on their personal wellness through the pandemic. They have overcome many obstacles during this time, such as teaching from home while supporting their children and making time for their wellness. Way to go ladies! 

April 2020

Our Health and Wellness Success story for the month of April goes to all of the students in our division who are staying active while having to be at home.

Way to go students!

Staying active can help keep our minds sharp and improve our mental health.

We miss all you!

February 2020

Our team members are: Avery Poulin, Brenda Goertzen, Sarah Quick, Sarah McCaffrey, Michelle Steeves, Kelsey Heatherington, Olivia Shields, Krystyna Olson, Katie Rattan, Sarah Koopmans

Our team members are: Avery Poulin, Brenda Goertzen, Sarah Quick, Sarah McCaffrey, Michelle Steeves, Kelsey Heatherington, Olivia Shields, Krystyna Olson, Katie Rattan, Sarah Koopmans

This month's Health and Wellness success story features our staff who have teamed up to play in the Red Deer Women's Recreational Basketball League.

In their words, "Every Monday our team gets together to play basketball. This has been an amazing way to connect to people outside of our schools and build friendships with people who we would have never had the opportunity to meet. Every week we run hard, fall frequently and laugh constantly. We have a wide range of abilities and have really embraced the theme 'All Are Welcome, All Belong.' Every week is an opportunity to be active and have fun!"

January 2020

January's Health and Wellness Success Story features the Friday morning high-intensity interval, training class.  

Staff from across the division gather to strengthen and improve their cardiovascular fitness. 

In the words of Char Andrew, our Health and Wellness Coordinator, "we are very sleepy when we get there, but we have tons of energy when we leave. It's also a great way to finish off the week."

December 2019

This month's Health and Wellness success story features the staff at St. Elizabeth Seton School. 

In their words "it can be intimidating trying out a new form of exercise or going to a new gym. When we go as a group we are more willing to step out of our comfort zone because we have the mindset that we are all in this together! When our job is to take care of our little humans and all of their needs throughout the day, it is important for us to keep in mind what we as individuals need as well.

Taking this time to focus on our physical and mental health has been positive for each one of us and has also strengthened our bond as a staff. When we prioritize our own physical and mental health, we are better able to reconnect with our students. When we branch out and share our goals with each other, we become accountable to not just ourselves but those around us. Having built this wellness goal into our staff community it has challenged us to try new activities and set time aside for ourselves and each other." 

November 2019

November's Health and Wellness Success Story features Carly Robinson, a teacher at Father Henri Voisin School.

In her words, "exercise for me is a tool I use for my physical health, but more importantly, an outlet for my mental health. It is an exercise that keeps me grounded. It also gives me the opportunity to support the participants in my classes who also struggle with mental health. Being part of removing the stigma around mental health is one of my favourite parts of being a group fitness instructor."

"I use my passion for fitness in both my career as a teacher, as well as outside of the school as a group fitness instructor at Goodlife Fitness in Red Deer. In the school setting, it allows me the opportunity to bring my knowledge into the various Physical-Education classes I teach, running professional development for teachers, but also for a program we run at the school called Wellness Wednesdays. I have been given the opportunity to run this program on Wednesday mornings. I have all the students from each grade at once. Often I range from having 60-85 students in the gym. I run different wellness activities for the student, which range from fitness stations, circuits, Zumba, dance, strength training, cardiovascular focused activities and yoga. We always end with mindfulness meditation. This has proven to assist students with regulation and be ready to learn."

October 2019

This month’s Health and Wellness success story features Tracy Sugden, Language Arts teacher at École Mother Teresa School in Sylvan Lake.

In her words, “positive mental health has always been an important part of my life and a daily struggle because of my family history with mental illness. I have always known that physical wellness compliments mental wellness. It has been shown that exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Technical jargon aside, exercise promotes the brain to release feel-good chemicals (endorphins) that improve your mood and make you more relaxed.

My husband competes at an Ironman level and has completed many Triathlons of various distances, where I have been on the sidelines cheering him on. I used to ride my bike beside him while he ran and paddled a kayak while he swam. With his encouragement, I competed in my first ‘women's only’ triathlon in Calgary in May and then competed at The Masters in Rocky Mountain House in August.  I loved it and the comradery of the sport, as you truly compete against yourself.”

Congratulations, Tracy! 

September 2019

We had so many entries in June, we decided to bump this success story to September.

Congratulations to our triathlon group! These individuals came together in April 2019 to train for the Woody's Triathlon in Red Deer on June 23, 2019. This group committed to training together as a group once a week and completed the rest of the training on their own. They all successfully completed the race, and April Connolly (teacher at Father Henri Voisin School) won the female sprint race

“Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the best way to grow!”