Success Stories

Celebrating student and staff successes

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools wants to help encourage our school communities to live a healthy life. If you or someone you know has been inspired to make positive changes to your every day health and wellness, we want to know! Email our Health and Wellness Coordinator or talk to your school's Health Champion about your (or your friend or coworker's) successes. A healthy lifestyle is better attained when we work together to encourage positive changes, so let's do what we can to help each other. 

December 2018

Our success story for December is the group of awesome staff who met each Tuesday after work (October to December) for a circuit training class at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School with our Health and Wellness Instructor, Char Andrew. 

Mrs. Andrew said the staff "are hard working and highly entertaining! The great thing about this group is that they come from different abilities and strengths but work hard each time. We modify the exercises if we need to but they aren’t afraid of being challenged. I look forward to working with this group each week!"

November 2018

Five teachers recently competed in Melissa’s Road Race in Banff. One participated in the 5km race, three ran the 10km race and one ran a half marathon with all five logging personal best times. 

The five spent weeks training for the race and supporting one another along the way. Whether it was a text to congratulate someone on her 9 p.m. run after her kids were finally in bed, a note of motivation to get out there and get on the trails or a message of truth, sharing a photo of ice packs, heating pads and foam rollers after a long run, they were pushing each other forward. 

The weather was brutal for them this year. They were scattered at the start line and lost each other but reunited at the end when Radean Lynch crossed the finish after her inspiring half marathon. It was an emotional race with tears and laughter, and each participant left with overwhelming feelings of accomplishment and pride. All five are already registered for next year’s race with new goals in mind! Teachers who run together, stay together! 

Photo, L-R: Janelle Melenchuk (St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School), Radean Lynch (St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School), Amber Lansing (St. Francis of Assisi Middle School), Aarin Huseby (St. Teresa of Avila School), Charmaine Babey (St. Thomas Aquinas Middle School)

October 2018

Louise Reeve, Val Norman-Organ, Miranda Wall and Joe Faught all have one thing in common besides working at Holy Trinity Catholic School. The foursome joined a community recreational volleyball league and play every Monday night in Olds. They agree that volleyball has become a great way to interact together outside of work hours, have some fun, get exercise, and balance out their busy schedules. Volleyball brings about a lighthearted way to strengthen their relationships. Congratulations on your dedication! 

September 2018

Lada Isaacs, Amber Lansing and Micaela Wasylik, West Coast Trail

Lada Isaacs, Amber Lansing and Micaela Wasylik, West Coast Trail

This month's success story features, not just one, but three of our staff Lada Isaacs, Amber Lansing and Micaela Wasylik, who completed the 75km West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island this summer. They started the hike on August 11 and completed the trail in five days. In their words:

"Throughout the hike, we were challenged both physically and mentally. The varying difficult terrain tested us in many ways. We also were fortunate enough to see a variety of animals, such as orca whales, sea lions, seals, fish, crabs, starfish, bald eagles, snakes and huge slugs. We feel incredibly fortunate to have this experience together. Not only do we love teaching together at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School, but we love traveling and hiking together. We managed to survive the trip with no broken bones and our friendship intact! We are very proud of what we have accomplished, especially considering the difficulty of the terrain and weather."