Middle School Faith Week

Embrace the Hope in the Risen Lord

Each year our students have been invited to participate in our Middle School Faith Week. This year marked our third annual event where our students have the opportunity to witness dynamic speakers who evangelize God's love and to build the kingdom of God in our young teens who may be struggling with their faith during this stage of life.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we had to cancel our events scheduled for this week. Our students were going to meet a dynamic singer, songwriter and storyteller, Steve Angrisano. Steve is one of the most effective and versatile ministry leaders in the Catholic Church today. People of all ages embrace the passionate message of faith woven throughout his music and storytelling. He is always rooted in a spirit of humility and faithfulness, Steve's ministry has grown out of who he is: a committed witness to the life and love of Jesus Christ.

This year, Mr. Angrisano was the songwriter who wrote our division theme song Light the Way. When reaching out to Steve about our cancellation, he wanted to send a message to our students and most graciously sent us a video to share with our students and their families. We hope that Steve will inspire you to keep the spirit of hope in the Risen Lord alive in these days of uncertainty.