Opening Remarks and Liturgy of the Word

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A Message from Archbishop Richard Smith

Keynote - Steve Angrisano - Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart

How do we live as faith-filled people? Steve encourages us to be a reflection of God and to recognize God’s voice in our life. With trust in the Lord, we can let God be God in our lives if we only just listen.

Reflection Questions:

  • Is your life in balance? If not what could you change?
  • What are the top three blocks of your “triangle of priorities?” 
  • Take five minutes, perhaps even now, or sometime today, and just listen for God's voice in your heart. Don’t be discouraged by distractions or “restart the clock!” Just refocus and continue. 

Steve Angrisano - Heart Speaks to Heart

Through his personal witness, Steve shares ways that we show hospitality by living as a reflection of God’s love.

Reflection Questions:

  • Think of a time that someone in your life “saw” you when you needed it most and gave you hope. If possible, share or write down that experience.
  • What’s one thing we, as a staff, could do to make both ourselves and our school “reservoirs of grace

Cardinal Thomas Collins - Catholic Education Today

In a society shaped by secular values, Catholic education must meet new challenges, as it serves as a way of proclaiming the Gospel.

Reflection Questions:

  • What are some things that are “wind” in our schools? What are some things that Catholic schools must teach students so they can “fly to the heart of things?” 
  • How can we prepare our students not only for the journey but for the “destination?”

Sarah Hart - A Heart of Welcome

As we grow into the understanding of who God is, our hearts and minds are more open to the concept of welcoming others and loving those around us - even those difficult to love. We will reflect upon what it means to have a true heart of welcome.

Reflection Questions:

  • Who have I welcomed? 
  • Who has welcomed me?

Sr Michelle Langlois - Trusting in the Slow Work of God

Learning to trust in God is a life-long process that does not come easily to us. This talk will touch on some of the challenges of working in schools during this time and suggest some points of reflection on how to build a relationship with God in the midst of these chaotic days.

Reflection Questions:

  • What are the signs that you see within yourself that you are feeling vulnerable right now? 
  • How do you talk to God in your vulnerability?  
  • Where have you seen God-moments so far this year?

Colm & Sharon Leyne - Stewarding Our Family

How do we trust in God, live justly, and serve our neighbours? What does the cardinal virtue of Justice mean to say give others and God their due? Through stories, humour, and practical daily decisions we will show how generosity is key to living the gospel at home and beyond.

Reflection Questions:

  • What are 3-5 relationships that are essential in your life? 
  • If you had to guess, how much quality time do you invest each day into them?
  • When you think about your home life, is it peaceful? Is it somewhere you want to be, where others want to be?
  • On an average day, what takes up most of your attention and energy? Are you happy with that? 
  • If you had one more minute with someone you loved, what would you do/say?
  • Find one of those people you first mentioned, and spend that extra minute today.

Jesse Manibusan - Hospitality and Justice: A Living Witness!

We gather, pray, sing and teach the faith. We have the intention, declaration, and celebration. Where do we discover transformation in ourselves and in our communities? Where do we find heroic hospitality and prophetic justice in our lives?

Reflection Questions:

  • Do you live more in the realm of "With all my heart I WILL TRUST IN YOU," OR "With all my heart, I TRUST IN YOU?" 
  • Do you think Jesus is a little bit too hospitable and accepting of folks? Some might say, "too tolerant," or possibly, a little obsessed with the justice of the "kingdom of God?"  
  • How would you say your level of "humility" and "vulnerability" look? Too much? Too little? Just right? The best? How do you see compassion, self-compassion, common humanity and loving-kindness, as essential to cultivating hospitality and justice in your faith, and it's role in encouraging, affirming and inspiring others in their life?

Chris Padgett - Trusting the Lord With Your Whole Heart

How can we trust the Lord when it seems like our world is falling apart? What is our hope and how can we spread this to others in a way that is hospitable? Trusting God is not easy but it is possible the more we understand His heart for us.

Reflection Questions:

  • How can I surrender more to Jesus this year? How can I make others feel welcome? How has Jesus been with me in my struggles? 

Dr Brett Salkeld - There Is No Neutral: Learning from Pope Francis about Hospitality and Catholic Identity

It is easy today to imagine that being open, welcoming, and hospitable requires us, especially as people of faith, to downplay or ignore our own religious identity. In Catholic schools, we face the question of the relationship between upholding a deeply rooted Catholic identity and being a welcoming environment for all every day. In his latest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis shows us that, far from opposing openness and hospitality, a strongly rooted Catholic identity is essential to being genuinely welcoming.  More than that, he warns us that watering down our identity leaves us open to manipulation by ideologies and powers that are anything but welcoming.

Reflection Questions:

  • How have you thought about the relationship between a strongly-rooted identity and being open to all in the past? Does Pope Francis's suggestion that we need a strong identity to be genuinely welcoming resonate with you? How might this affect your classroom practice?
  • What do you make of Dr. Salkeld's claim that there is no neutral? Does it help to make sense of the idea of curriculum permeation? What do you think of Pope Francis's suggestion that there are forces that benefit from stripping people of their identity and roots? Can you think of any examples? How does this notion relate to Dr. Salkeld's claim that there is no neutral?

David Wells - "Go and Do Likewise:" Pope Francis and the Call for Hospitality and Justice

Pope Francis' recent encyclical highlights the importance of humility, openness and dialogue. In a world where factions and disputes are on the increase, Pope Francis calls our schools to be places of justice and hospitality for all. In two short sessions, David will explore the recent work of Pope Francis and will remind us that dialogue with diversity will be the very making of us. We have nothing to lose! 

Reflection Questions:

  • Session One: What has the pandemic taught us about ourselves and about each other? 
  • Session Two: What small steps are we to take in order to bring Pope Francis' vision off the pages and into our schools? 

Closing Prayer